Package com.variant.share.schema

package com.variant.share.schema
Variant schema classes provide native bindings for traversing parsed YAML schema documents. Variant server manages multiple variation schemata. A client session can get to the schema it is connected to via the Session.getSchema() method. All classes in this package are immutable. The top level class is Schema.
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    Durability of qualification and targeting decisions.
    Durability scope — how long a qualification or targeting decision is guaranteed to persist.
    Representation of the trace event flusher.
    Representation of an element of one of several hooks lists.
    Representation of a variation schema.
    Representation of the schema scoped lifecycle hook.
    Representation of a state.
    Representation of a state scoped hook.
    Representation of an instrumentation of a given state by a given variant.
    Representation of the /variations list element.
    Representation of the /variations[]/experience key.
    Representation of the /variations[]/onStates[] array element.
    Representation of a variation scoped hook.