Interface VariationQualificationLifecycleEvent

All Superinterfaces:
LifecycleEvent, VariationAwareLifecycleEvent

public interface VariationQualificationLifecycleEvent extends VariationAwareLifecycleEvent

Lifecycle event, raised when a user session's qualification for a particular variation must be established. If no user hooks for this event are defined in the experiment schema, Variant server uses the default hook, which qualifies all user sessions for all variations.

If a user hook, registered subscribed for event, wishes to (dis)qualify the associated test, its post() method must return an object of type VariationQualificationLifecycleEvent.PostResult with the qualification outcome set via the VariationQualificationLifecycleEvent.PostResult.setQualified(boolean) method. An empty post result object is obtained by calling mkPostResult() factory method of this class.